“Hello Barry.

I wanted to share my thoughts on your page for everybody to see as we received our wedding film yesterday and it truly was amazing!

We watched the montage first and straight away I was in tears, happy of course…

The DVD was nothing we expected but it completely exceeded our expectations.

I knew from the beginning I wanted a videographer for our wedding, it was top of my list, but Billy (my husband) was a little sceptical (as was his family), they thought it would be intrusive on our special day and make people nervous and not be able to relax.

This was of course not the case at all.

Barry has a natural gift of making people feel comfortable and relaxed and considering he is stood there with a tripod and a camera he is actually very good at disappearing in the distance, we didn’t even notice him at our wedding once the main video shots had been taken.

Barry was the second videographer I spoke to, but after our conversation I knew I had to have him! Regardless of price, that was it, my decision was made,

In fact I thought at the time the prices were very reasonable, looking back now after what we received on the day and now the DVD, the prices where incredible – you get more than a DVD with Barry, he is a god send from that first conversation you have with him.

I can assure everybody that Barry is constantly professional throughout, yet he is really laid back and funny, he had brilliant banter with my husband and all the other soldiers, I was worried about the soldiers at my wedding as I know what they can be like, but Barry loved it he took them and their banter in his stride and we all had a great day.

Barry has brilliant advice about weddings and in fact we took all his advice and I don’t have one regret about our wedding it was perfect from beginning to end.

If your date is available and you get the chance to have Barry at your wedding please do, don’t hesitate to book him it was the best thing about our wedding and I promise it will be the best thing about yours.

I’d hate for people to regret it if you miss your chance booking him for your date.

I may sound over the top, but I can’t stress enough how much we loved our wedding and a lot of that was thanks to Barry!!!

P.S Don’t think you have to choose between photographer and videographer, Barry works great along side anybody!

I’ll stop now, this testimonial was nearly as long as my speech!!

Thanks again Barry,

All our love,
Sophie and Billy
(The Bricklebanks)”

Wow, thank you so much to Sophie & Billy Bricklebank who received their finished wedding film yesterday for your kind words.

It was honestly a real pleasure to meet you both and your family and friends on your special day and I loved filming and editing your wedding.

I’ll be adding your comments to my other Facebook page and website tonight.

Thanks again guys for taking the time to send this through – it really is appreciated.

Have a great Christmas and can I wish you both all the very best with your new arrival in 2015.

Take care