“Hi Barry, Here’s our testimonial – (Sorry it’s an essay!)

When I was younger, I remember how me and my sisters used to love watching our parent’s wedding video; to look at Mum’s puffy 80’s dress, to laugh at how nervous (and young- with lots more hair!) our Dad looked and to almost be part of their day, despite the fact the three of us were all twinkles in their eyes!

Therefore, when preparing for our own wedding, it becomes something of an expense and it does in a way get put to the side for a while. I can’t emphasise enough how priceless it is, it is worth everything to capture those memories forever!

Myself and Barrie were ecstatic to receive a voucher for our own wedding video from my parents last Christmas- we really can’t thank them enough for choosing Diamond Lights as this didn’t turn out to just be a wedding video!

I contacted Barry Hewitt after receiving our voucher to talk about the video and what package we would like. Barry did not only discuss options for footage, but was also genuinely interested in what we wanted our wedding to be like, what church it was in, what theme we had, what we were like- not only just for the video, but to reassure and help plan our day.

As a matter of fact, he became our mentor! He was always organised, keeping us updated and on track to help him craft our wedding memories. By choosing our own music prior to the wedding, meant that our video was very personal to us and Barry was outstanding in the fact he spoke to and collaborated with our photographers, priest, musicians and parents to ensure non-intrusive filming and smooth transitions throughout the day.

He even made sure he met us prior to the day to discuss and confirm how everything would happen on the day, which was amazing as we were both relaxed knowing he knew the full itinerary prior to the event.

On the day itself, Barry made us feel at ease, especially when dealing with last minute changes and blips on the day, such as the giant puppets coming to Liverpool! I cannot thank him enough for his ability to ensure we did not worry or panic, but enjoyed and savoured our special day!

I probably wouldn’t admit this to Barry himself, but when I received the follow up emails regarding when our film was finally complete, I got up extra early to make sure I caught the postman so that I could watch it straight away (and tell the postman all about it because I was that excited).

Of course, I cried at how beautiful the DVD itself looked before even watching it but there was so much thought and care taken in to how it was so beautifully presented, we couldn’t have asked for more.

My husband on the other hand, (although he wouldn’t admit it) was emotional when he saw me arrive and walk down the aisle, something he didn’t see on the day as the priest told him to face the front! We can honestly say, we don’t remember really being filmed! I know it sounds daft, but Barry definitely had chameleon qualities, he managed to capture natural footage and everybody kind of forgot he was there, but that made our film all the more beautiful.

There are parts of the day and evening that we didn’t see – our guests enjoying themselves and welcoming each other or catching their daft dance moves; capturing moments of the day we were unaware of!

We can honestly say it was surreal watching ourselves on TV, we are invited into our day again, like we are the stars!

The transitions and musical score have been so harmoniously created, professional video it exceeds! Barry even included personal jokes we had with himself, such as how there were three Barry/Barrie’s; making it all the more personal.

We have had lots of laughs and happy tears so far from watching the most important day of our lives, something which I hope our children can watch and inadvertently be a part of in the future, like I did, and we cannot thank Barry enough for that.

Barry wasn’t just the videographer, but he became our adviser, friend and honorary guest (making him Barry number one!) and we are eternally grateful! Thank you!

We absolutely LOVE it – it’s all we wanted and more!

All our best wishes,

Christina and Barrie


Thanks to @Christina & Barrie McArdle for taking the time to write such a wonderful testimonial.

It was a great day, we had so many special touches e.g

a string quartet playing a composition specially written by Barrie for his new wife (during the signing of the register), and the first time ever I have filmed the Father of the Bride singing to his daughter before the first dance (which had everyone in tears !!!)

Great day, and an absolute pleasure meeting you all and filming your wedding.

Thanks again, and hopefully we’ll meet up again at another wedding in the future.

Take Care