Where do we even begin with this testimonial?

We still say to this day that our wedding wouldn’t have been the same if we hadn’t book you.

You were the calm in the storm, the smile through the stress and the telling off that I needed when I was worrying about pointless things.

We were fortunate enough to meet you when James’ twin got married and also at my friend’s wedding and we are so glad that we did.

There was no doubt that we had to have you to capture our special day- but you did more than that.

From the minute that we booked you your emails and contact was so professional yet so reassuring it was brilliant.

When you came to our house to discuss arrangements it is fair to say that we were so stressed! I think I said to James hours before you came, “oh does this have to be tonight?” But it was one of my favourite parts of the planning process- you made us realise it’s not about the stress it’s about us and we laughed from the minute you got there to the minute you left. Thank you for that.

The day of the wedding you were fantastic- like James’ 5th usher, sorting us out, offering your help and support and making James laugh with the mic, although from what James told me, he kept you entertained!!

We couldn’t have imagined as we went through our wedding day that you would be able to capture the day in such a special way.
When we received the DVD it was so exciting and you certainly didn’t disappoint.

Watching our film, we laughed, we cried and we realised from a different perspective how wonderful the day was. So many times we said “Oh WOW, I didn’t know that happened!”

Our friends and family really loved you, everyone commented. And it was so wonderful how well you got on with our photographer; you made a great team and helped each other to create such perfect outcomes.

We highly recommend the Video Guest Messages segment- absolutely brilliant! We’ve replayed that section a few times!

Barry, thank you for your professionalism but most importantly thank you for how kind and attentive you were.

For anyone reading this, you’ve found your videographer!!

Sending love and best wishes,

Lisa and James

(The Lockes)

Thanks so much to Lisa & James Locke for taking the time to send this wonderful testimonial through.

Brilliant day, fantastic couple and an absolute pleasure filming and editing your wedding.

Thanks also to all your friends and family for getting involved in the Video Guest Message segment – really enjoyed that one.

I’ve added your review to my website www.diamond-lights.co.uk and hopefully we’ll meet up again in the future.

Take care, and all the very best & thanks again.



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