“Hi Barry

Thank you so much for are amazing wedding video!

You have captured every moment beautifully with not only us but are guests too.

Watching the film was like reliving it all over again. We got to see bits of the day that we missed out on, we couldn’t be happier with it!

The music is perfect for each stage of the day and the images of the venue with all the flowers and the picture of Tom’s dad is such a nice touch.

Thanks again, we will highly recommend you to our friends and family.


Joanna and Thomas Cunningham”


Thanks to Joanna and Thomas Cunningham who received their wedding film on Weds last week for your kind words.

It was a fantastic day, really enjoyed filming and editing your wedding.

A special well done to Thomas, who delivered what could have been a very difficult speech, perfectly.

I look forward to meeting you both again next year at a couple more weddings (thanks for the recommendations)

Take care and thanks again