“..And now to the film itself… It is stunning!

Barry Hewitt- videographer. Fountain of all wedding knowledge. Comical, creative and general artistic genius. And most of all a stand out, reliable, professional and all round top bloke.

We knew prior to booking how good Diamond Lights (or Barry as they are one and the same) are, as Barry filmed my sister’s wedding last year. Even knowing this and actually seeing my sister’s film (which was beautiful) did not really prepare us for how jaw droppingly excellent our film is! But I am getting ahead of myself…I first want to comment on the experience of having Barry as our videographer both in the build up to and on the day itself.

Barry’s exceptional organisational skills coupled with a warm, relaxed and reassuring manner was literally a God send in what for us (and particularly me as the bride) was a bit of a crazy time building up to the wedding. Barry succeeded in filling a mega worry pot with confidence that everything would be fine and did this through his manner but also in his honesty about the day in a way that we had heard from no one else. Barry made us feel like no question was stupid and every detail was thought about, discussed and sorted which gave us an immense feeling of clarity and calm in the midst of wedding planning chaos! Barry’s communication leading up to the day was excellent, we never had any doubt or confusion over what was going on which again added to our feeling of calm.

On the day itself Barry was a hero, going above and beyond the call of duty in so many ways, from calming the nerves of both Nick and I prior to walking down the aisle to picking us both up with his humorous and frankly fantastic outlook on life when we were both ready to drop during key parts of the day. Barry picked us up when we had had enough and was brilliant at picking up on what we needed at the time without us having to say a word. The truly amazing bit is Barry did all this yet for the most part that he was filming both us and all our guests, we did not know he was there.

And now to the film itself… It is stunning! Barry has captured the day so perfectly in a way I did not believe was possible. He has captured everyone and everything that was happening on the day and got the real feel for the day which is just magical. It is just a joy to watch and has provided us with many belly laughs and happy tears. The way Barry has used the music we selected is just fantastic and it feels as though each song fits perfectly to the moment it is accompanying in our film. Our wedding video is truly something we will treasure and keep coming back to to watch time and time again.

If anyone is in any doubt as to whether they should book Diamond Lights then take it from us it is TOTALLY worth it. In our opinion Barry really is the best at what he does and really helped us have the best day ever!

Thanks Barry for our amazing film and all your hard work.

All the best.

Love Liz and Nick

Elizabeth & Nick Postill 

January 2014

Farington Lodge Hotel, Leyland