“Barry, how do we begin to thank you for the truly magical memories that you have created for us.

It is something that we shall treasure our entire lives!

When Katie first mentioned a videographer for our wedding, I had my doubts: It’ll be intrusive, no-one will behave naturally, we’ll have to do reshoots, I thought. In hindsight, I couldn’t have been more wrong
(not exactly a place I’m surprised to be in, I am a husband after all!).

Meeting Barry for the first time completely put my mind at ease. Professional and funny in equal measure, I knew we’d (that’s a royal ‘we’) made the right choice. What I liked most about Barry was his eagerness to explain the intricacies of the day (why should I, the groom, have any clue after all?), offer tips to help things run smoothly and that’s before he even picked up the camera – Barry, you truly are a wedding guru!

When it came to the day itself, Barry was completely discreet. It’s only now, after watching the film twice (yes, my wife, after only 24 hours, is obsessed!), I can appreciate how he captured all of those tiny moments my wife and I would have completed missed.

From the guests arriving to the kids playing in the gardens, I was blown away by the quality and range of moments that were recorded.

I’m not one for sentimentally, but I must thank you sincerely for bottling the magic of our day.

Even the delivery of the video was a pleasure, giving us the chance to reminisce and joke about the day. The film itself exceeded both of our expectations: the quality of the footage, the editing and the overall presentation is exceptional – it’s a wonder Hollywood hasn’t come calling!

I must give you a special shout out for the music over my speech: I doubt a single wedding video ever created has the A-Team theme tune and a Mariachi band on display! It’s those small details, that attention to detail, that has impressed me most.

Your passion for your work is only matched by your talent.

So, from beginning as a cynical video-phobe, I can truly say you’ve converted me.

I can’t recommend you highly enough and I’d like to pass on thanks from the rest of the wedding party – everyone was a fan (especially my groomsmen).

And finally, since you were so good to offer me so much useful advice, I thought I’d return the favour to your future grooms: lads, at the end of your speech, please be sure to announce that Barry is filming Guest Messages! I forgot and haven’t heard the end of it from my wife ever since (and yes, Barry did try to encourage me to write it down).

Thank you for your work; it will be enjoyed for years to come.

James & Katie Tickle


Thanks to Katie & James Tickle who did only received their finished film around 7.00pm last night for sending this through this morning.

I absolutely loved filming your special day at Crabwall Manor Hotel and Spa.

Perfect day. Just a really relaxed wedding. Beaming smiles from start to finish, an absolute pleasure.

Also, this review gives a rare insight from the groom’s perspective – as normally it is the guys who are a little worried about having their day filmed.

“What will he capture on the microphone”,
“how will I sound on film”
“Will there be lots of re-takes and staged shots”

Anyone thinking of having your day filmed, or if you know someone planning their wedding, get in touch and we can chat through everything and i can answer any questions you may have.

Thanks again Katie & James for taking the time to send this through, and I will be adding this to the 2017 testimonials section of the “Kind Words” tab on my website shortly.

Take care (congratulations again!!!!) and hopefully we’ll meet up at another wedding very soon.

Take care