“Well Barry,

We’ve really struggled to write a review on our wedding film, words fail us. Both of us have watched our film countless times, finding new things every time we watch.

Little things that we forgot about or didn’t even know had happened brings all the magic of the day back to us.

All the way through the film we asked each other “did you know he was filming there?” And the answer every time was “no”. You promised that nothing would be set up or staged and that we would feel comfortable, and that’s exactly how we felt.

We knew that having our wedding filmed would be important, however, we didn’t know how important, and for that we can’t thank you enough. Anyone that I know thats getting married, I always say two things to them.

1. Get it filmed, and
2. Get Barry from Diamond Lights Wedding Videography to do it.

All the music we picked fits perfectly to every part of the film, it’s like watching our own love story. I can’t stop showing our film to people when they come round. Family and friends that have seen it can’t believe how amazing it is and have said its the best wedding film they have seen.

Every time I watch it, it brings happy tears and I makes me want to do it all over again.

Barry, we can’t speak any higher of you, you’re very friendly and very professional, and are very good at keeping a bride calm on her big day. You’ve given us something that will last a lifetime, and something that we will treasure forever.

And for that we can’t thank you enough.

Lots of love,

Elizabeth and Barrie Lynam.


Thanks to Elizabeth and Barrie for taking the time to send through this fantastic review – very much appreciated.

It was a great day, and you had by far the best father and daughter dance I have ever filmed. Gangnam style mix – brilliant.

Can I wish you both and your family and friends all the very best for the future, and of course with all the best when the little one arrives.

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you both, hopefully we’ll meet up again soon.

Take care and thanks again.