” Where do I even start! I can’t begin to tell you how happy we are with our wedding video.

Every single time I watch it I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat Barry!

From the first time we met you you made us feel so comfortable, my whole family felt so relaxed with you.
It was during all the pre-wedding hype I totally got the rehearsal church times wrong and also the addresses where we were meeting up for our final meeting. You ended up at the church in the lashing rain and at the wrong house for our meeting but laughed it off and made a joke out of it, it totally took my mind off all the wedding rush.

I laughed so much that evening. You made everything relaxed and calm as you went through so much with me that had nothing to do with filming our wedding, You went above and beyond to do anything to help us out even to the point of advising Chris how to get through his speech and who to mention as you knew he was nervous, we still are so greatful for that.

To the big day where you did your job that well no one even noticed you in were there, including us!

It’s unbelievable looking at the wedding DVD and realising how much you miss on your own wedding day. Everything is so beautifully captured.

You were the one who made our wedding day run smoothly in time, you even co-ordinated our photographer and advised her on what shots would look good!

If I was going to advise anyone on what to get for there wedding day it would be Videographer but most importantly to hire THE BAZ!

You’re one of a kind and your work is truly amazing.

Thank you so much for all you did in the run up to the wedding, the big day, but most importantly the most treasured possession I own!

I can’t wait until someone in my family gets married and we can hire you again the LOLS were the best!!

Thanks for everything Baz!

Mr and Mrs Preston”

Many thanks to Sophie & Chris Preston who received their wedding film just before Christmas for your kind words.

I really do appreciate you taking the time to send this through and I’ll be adding you to my new 2017 Testimonial page on my website later today.

Loved filming your wedding. We did have many laughs.

Absolute pleasure meeting you both and all your family and friends.

Take care you two and hopefully we’ll meet up again very soon