“I’m sure it was fate that we were lucky enough to book Barry (Diamond Lights Wedding Films).

Our initial telephone conversation lasted nearly an hour and I knew then we’d made the right decision.

Regardless of the amount of money you pay, your wedding day is one of the single most important days of your life and you want to cherish every moment. You don’t fully understand this until your day has been and gone and all you have left is the memories.

It’s the little things that Barry captures, the things you will inevitable forget or not even notice without the video. It’s these things that end up meaning the most to you, these things can’t always be captured on a photograph so this is the reason why every bride should consider a videographer.

Why should you choose Diamond Lights? Well that’s simple!

Barry is passionate about his job, everything he does is done by his own fair hands and he takes care with every step, whether that be email updates, phone calls, meetings or your wedding day itself. Barry will be there for you with some wise words or something to make you smile along the way. Barry genuinely loves this job and this is easy to see in the enthusiasm and pride he shows in his work.

We’ve had our video now for a week and I’ve watched it twice, I laugh, I cry and I laugh some more. I’m amazed by the things I missed on the day but can truly appreciate now how lucky we are to have had Barry working with us on the day.

You can have many bumps along the way when planning a wedding so every choice is important and of course you want to invest your hard earned cash in the right areas and in the right companies. Diamond Lights will not only provide you with excellent service before and after your wedding day but they give you a gift that you simply can’t put a price on but will cherish for the rest of your happily ever after…”

Anna & André Pacheco

Thanks to Anna & André for taking the time to send this fantastic review through.

I loved filming and editing your wedding. Really relaxed day and lots of banter.

Also great to work with Andy Corke and Gemma from Boho Lane Photography for the first time. I think we had just as much fun as you did.

The rain didn’t dampen a truly memorable occasion.

Great couple, great venue, great day = best job in the world.
Thanks again guys and take care.